Dentoning….in the cloud

Gone are the days of three TV stations, one radio station and a phone tied to your house. Dentoning today is a universe away from the Denton of bygone years. Denton, and thus Dentoning , (although un-named for 166 years) has been in existence for 167 years. The town we love now rests in a cloud of information which makes our pastime richer, simpler and more efficient.

Not too long ago, planning had to be planned. One couldn’t text a friend after arriving somewhere and ask them to meet you. You had to actually think ahead and decide what to do in advance! I’m not kidding. It really used to be that way. Some of you may remember the difficulties inherent in this lack of technology. For those of you who don’t, consider yourself fortunate.

The technology which now surrounds us is often taken for granted. We are used to smartphones, iPads, laptops and computers in our cars. Some bemoan the instant access to information, the ability to be reached wherever we are………. the electronic tether which keeps us tied at all times to the rest of the world. I am not one of those people. Technology has made our small town not larger, but fuller.

Dentoning presents an overwhelming number of choices of things to do at any one time. (Fortunately, everything doesn’t have to be done at one time). There are occassions though when we discover something which begs the immediate attention of friends/family/loved ones. At times like these, instant communication is a must. For instance, if the Stones or Justin Beiber, God forbid, happen to drop in at Dan’s, and you happen to be there, you’re gonna want your friends to be there, right? Or a new food truck with chocolate-dipped, deep-fried Spam shows up somewhere in town…….you’re going to need to alert the populace…..Technology allows us to do this. In the days of old, situations like these would be rumors later in the week, not actually experienced by those we care to notify.
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Facebook, texting, Twitter, Instagram, Pinhead, devices, Vine, a phone in your hand and much more facilitate what we do. We can access menus, see who’s playing at Abbey Underground, get the line-up for the month at Dan’s, have the schedule for Jazz Fest on our phone, direct fellow Dentonuts around snarled traffic, blog at Jupiter House, scan a QR code for info on a local candidate, display coupons for the tasty treat mentioned above, take pictures at will (check out “Dogear” app for photos), check the crowd status at Rubber Gloves during 35 Denton, search the Web, and even call people while D’ing. It’s like magic within the magic of Denton!

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Dentoning could certainly be achieved, and was, without the instant access to people, places and things, but it does make the experience more enjoyable, simpler….fuller. Some of you may have not even thought about it, but this blog can be read while Dentoning……….seriously! We are entering prime time weather-wise for our pastime…………wait, that was kinda fun to type……Let’s review: “We are entering prime time weather-wise for our pastime”.  It’s true, so enjoy and make the most of Denton with everything at your disposal!

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Disclaimer: This blogger received no monetary compensation or swag for mention of the “Dogear” app. It’s just a cool way to catagorize, notate, search and store your pics……

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