Dentoning….sad day

I had planned to blog today, but not about THIS……..the horror of today has become too commonplace. It almost seems that school shootings have become trendy. The psychopaths and sociopaths of our world know that schools are a safe place. A safe place for them to murder countless innocents with no resistance. Temporary problems solved with devastating permanent “solutions”. The whole picture of this tragedy is still playing out. The numbers are still changing and changing for the worse. Countless people’s lives have been destroyed by one sick, twisted, wretch of a human being. We live in strange times.

This abomination will undoubtedly bolster the debate on gun control. I think the gun genie was released from the bottle centuries ago. I don’t think that gun control is the answer or even possible. There are just too many guns out there, MOST of them in the hands of sane, law-abiding people. Gun ownership is a legal right and there is no way possible to take the millions of guns out there out of the hands of their owners. It just won’t happen. Guns are not the problem, sick people reflecting a sick society are. The shooter in this case, and in the cases of those before him, used what was available. If he hadn’t had access to a gun(s), he would have used something else. The school was a “Gun-free school zone” which gave the perp free reign to kill in any manner he wanted with no reasonable possibility of resistance. It looks now like most of the carnage occurred in a kindergarten class. He could have killed just as many with a knife or a shovel under such circumstances.

At the time of Columbine, my brother lived just a mile or two away from the school and I lived about 15 miles away. Since that tragic day, I have always thought that one way to prevent, or at the least mitigate the extent of such shootings would be to have at least one person in every school trained to use, and have ready access to a high powered rifle. This approach would take the “sitting duck” senario out of the equation. I know many people just want to get rid of guns, but in my opinion, that is not realistic. We live in a sick world. We need to address mental health issues and we need to protect ourselves, our loved ones and those unable to protect themselves from the sickos of the world. Just my train of thought on this sad day.

Enjoy life and hug your loved ones!