Red and Blue Mix For Mean Green

I was hoping mixing red and blue made green, but was informed by Leslie Kregel that they actually make something like purple.

The whole thing came up when talking to John Faust (Honest John) about his perspective on the growing Mean Green tailgating culture. “It’s the only place where you’ll have the most liberal and most conservative people getting together, setting all that aside,” to have fun in support of Mean Green, he said. What could be better preparation for the week to come?

Honestly, I haven’t witnessed the Mean Green tailgating culture yet. Tomorrow is homecoming for the Mean Green, and it seems like all elements will be cooperating. GET OUT, and I will see you there. I heard there is a growing food competition at tailgating, so use “comments” to publish your menu.

Tonight is the monthly First Friday Denton, an event that will be entering its third year next February. Make sure you GET OUT and visit participating businesses, and find out more about the event at