Night Time is the Right Time

The days have been realigned by mother nature now, and you will find yourself trying to GET OUT and be active as sunlight is waning or completely gone.

First, be sure you can be seen. Sounds simple enough, but I see cyclists (typically out of control, don’t know how to stop fixed gear riders) dressed in black and blowing stop signs all around Scripture Street, and back toward campus. One reflective piece of something could prevent a few choice words from me, and perhaps a few hand gestures from others. I, for one, don’t want your imprint on my car, and I certainly don’t think you want my car’s imprint on you. Even a few strands of reflective para-cord on zippers can save your life.

Ann Stewart Science Complex - TWU Campus at NightSecond, use your imagination when you GET OUT at night. A few nights ago, I was photographing some buildings at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), and I realized just how different our surroundings – surroundings in civilization – look at night. There are a few new buildings on the TWU campus, and in my opinion they look even more interesting at night.

And so it is with nature as well. If you are considering owl watching, you can do it in your own neighborhood, or even take your chances at the Denton County Trinity River Greenbelt. Now that the leaves are coming off, and the air is crisper, you can not only hear owls better, you can spot them better too. Take a strong flashlight, and remember to be careful walking around in the dark – Feel Free to Think – is my mantra given to me by my outdoor guru years ago. I like walking the trail at the park on 428 North of Denton.

If you’re staying in town, check out the new structures on TWU campus, and try doing it right before it’s pitch black. You will be surprised by how active the campus is, and there’s a bonus – pecans. TWU has some pecan trees that are popular with gleaners, and a little wind goes a long way toward sending them into my pockets.

Bundle up GET OUT and let us know what you’re doing outside this weekend.