Dentoning is best done with friends. Particularly with friends you like. The past time also often leads to making new friends. And, more often than not, you run into friends you already know while out D’ing. Normally, the more interaction with people, the richer the experience. Spontaneity is highly desired and encouraged. For example, just last week I met my friend, Julie Glover (a friend I like) for lunch 5 minutes after making arrangements on Facebook.  It’s all good. Denton people are, for the most part, friendly. There are a few unfriendly n’erdowells and miscreants, but no one says you have to interact with them. Don’t be rude, just pretend you don’t see them or answer a faux call. Dentoning is too important to have distractions.

Dentoning takes many forms. I have many satellite offices around Denton,  and the home base office at The Compound. Just to shake things up a little, today I am  writing this not from the main office or one of the satellite offices, but from the ER of Presbyterian Hospital. I woke up this morning with chest pain and being a mere 5 years away from 50, I decided I should have it checked out. An EKG ruled out heart problems and I am now back in a room waiting for the results of a CT scan of my lungs. That required five minutes of breathing on a radioactive nebulizer, which essentially turned me  into a walking, talking dirty bomb. Now this is NOT recommended Dentoning, but being the resourceful people we are, we take things as they come and run with them.  The doctor just told me that the radiation will cause any children I may have in the future to be born naked. That’s not in the plans, but it would be a small price to pay in the search for embolisms …After a couple of naps, I was given a clean bill of health. Hospitals would probably be at the bottom of my list of suitable places to do your basic Dentoning……. well, there and jail.

The last entry regarding food, loosened some memories regarding Denton restaurants of the past. Since food is such an important part of the experience of Denton, we will be exploring the subject often. One thing which should soon be approved by the City Council is the addition of food carts to Denton. The new ordinance would allow food vendors to operate small food carts and promises to bring a variety of reasonably priced foods to the streets of Denton. Austin has a booming food cart presence and it seems to work very well. Hopefully Denton will enjoy a new burst of culinary options as these carts become operational. It just keeps getting better and better!!

Enjoy Denton!!