Denton music is amazing. We live in a music city. We are SO fortunate to have the talent we do right here. For example……Bonnie and Nick at Fuzzy’s on Tuesday night. Tuesday night!!!!! Not Friday night, not Saturday night, but on a Tuesday night and free at that. (Please remember to tip the musicians). Bonnie and Nick have been around Denton for years. I would highly recommend seeing them at every opportunity. Another regularly scheduled music event is “First Tuesday” at Banter. Every first tuesday (that’s where they get the name for you slower readers) of each month, Mr. Joe opens up for “Le Not So Hot Klub du Denton (Not France)”. LNSHKdD plays the music of, and the genre of , Django Reinhardt. It’s always a great show with lots of Denton regulars. Brave Combo member, Jeffrey Barnes is a regular member of LNSHKdD, and Carl Finch and Ginny Mac, also of Brave show up on a regular basis. I highly recommend adding this to any Dentoning list you may have. October 2nd will be the next occurrence of First Tuesday……

One of the newer members of Brave Combo, is Steve Cater aka “Little Jack Melody” (but who I originally knew as “Paradise”). Steve was one of, if not the founder of the legendary ’70s-early ’80s Denton band, Schwantz LeFantz. Schwantz used to play frequently in local dive bars and many others in the DFW area. They broke up in 1981, I believe, and left a huge a hole in Denton music for a while. Fortunately for us, that hole was quickly refilled, my fantasy “bucket list” includes a Schwantz reunion though. Steve still plays on occasion with “Little Jack Melody and the Young Turks, in addition to his regular gig with BC.

Another Denton band, The Baptist Generals, has a new record in the can and should be released late 2012, early 2013. I’ve had the honor of listening to the album, pre-release, and it is incredible. Hopefully the record release will include Denton gigs by the BGs. The Baptist Generals is the brainchild of Chris Flemmons. Chris is the founder of the highly successful, and nationally praised Denton music festival, 35Denton . The festival has had a different name each year, but 35Denton is now THE name, in case any of you have become confused. The 35Denton next happens March 7-10 2013 and promises to be bigger and better than ever. On a side note, the festival is a really good thing for Denton (and Dentoning). It has brought millions of dollars into the Denton economy in it’s first 4 years, with the downtown merchants calling it “Christmas in March”. Just another great thing about our fair city.

Life is good…..