We’re going to experiment today. We’ll randomly call it “Experiment number 206″. We’ll evaluate said mystery experiment at sign off today. True Dentoning is a fairly recent development. Everything necessary to partake in this wonderful past time is now present, and will certainly evolve. I’m not so naive as to think Dentoning, in one form or another, has not been going on for decades. I mean, I might have been born yesterday, but I stayed up all night! There is a history to all this.


One primitive form of D’ing is cruising. Though I’m sure it still occurs, it’s hay day is in the past. Gas prices, video games, checked out parents and urban creep have given those of the cruising persuasion other pursuits. Most of us did it, not knowing at the time that it would become a model for modern-day Dentoning. The past time usually entails movement from one place to the next, but that is not written in stone. Very early Dentoning consisted mainly of sitting on the veranda in your Sunday best and watching photographers stroll by taking pictures…… least according to most photos taken at the time. There is a very old film in existence of College of Industrial Arts (TWU) students, I believe, marching in a very crude and disorganized display of Dentoning. Of course, they may have just been protesting the name of their school. Calling it CIA wouldn’t have been cool even then, because it was decades until the intelligence agency was founded. See, Dentoning history can be confusing and therefore, we won’t dwell on it extensively. I’ll try to link the film at a later date and let you decide. Fortunately today’s Denton roamings do not include foot-deep mud on the Square, hangings on the Courthouse lawn, or Indian attacks…..oh wait, that wasn’t Denton.


We haven’t really discussed the geographical parameters for Dentoning. The main reason for that is because I have not gotten around to it yet and the fact that it is fairly self explanatory.  Dentoning, the vast majority of the time, occurs within the city limits of the City of Denton. Occasionally, when four or more are gathered in it’s name,  it can happen outside the limits of our awesome town. THAT does not happen often. The true focal point of D’ing, is of course, the Square and surrounding streets, particularly Hickory Street and Industrial street. The area is now known as the “Entertainment District” or “Grand Street”.  Where that last one came from, I have no clue, but it’s being thrown around in certain quarters. Being between the A-Train station (or the “multi-modal” as the City government calls it), and the Square AND having a multitude of various types of venues, make it more suited to the moniker “Entertainment District”.  I really think the area has the potential to be a weekend destination for residents of Dallas. As the area fills out and is improved upon, it would be very easy for people from the south to jump on the A-Train and come to participate in D’ing. We’ll see how things play out. It would be a great thing for area businesses!


Cellar 22, on E. Hickory, has a cigar bar hidden behind closed doors that is extremely well ventilated, and serves as another of my satellite offices. I do smoke an occasional cigar, but of course, I do not inhale. It is from there that many of these entries will be written. (Officeing can be a part of Dentoning, but its not a good idea to combine the two on a regular basis) Here’s a little factoid……it is now legal to bring back 10 cigars from Cuba. I know this because a friend just returned from the island and hand-delivered a very nice Cohiba. Looks like the Embargo is partially lifted. OK, let’s evaluate the above mentioned experiment which has been going on during the “writing” of this entry. The entire blog was in fact, dictated using Siri on my iPad. It worked great and required only minor editing here and there. I’ll call “Experiment 206″  a success. Over, out….enjoy our town!!!!